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A little about me

I'm a product designer dedicated to building quality experiences. I love owning the experience from concept, to execution, and high fidelity prototypes. Through my experiences, I have learned how to be a strategic partner to my team and deliver products that hit business goals while advocating for the people who use them. I strongly value cross team collaboration and understand the importance of team work in a fast past environment. I also just love learning from diverse people with different disciplines and backgrounds.

Before UX, I was a full time restaurant server while learning design from free resources on the internet. Through my experiences in the restaurant industry, being broke, and being eager to define a career path - I developed a sense of work ethic, empathy, and attention to detail that has become strengths in my role as a product designer.

During my free time you can catch me outside; being mediocre at many hobbies, hiking and getting dirty my dog, making art, surfing, skating, and playing drunk volleyball with my friends.

Actively looking for new opportunities! Hit my inbox 🤙

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