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Changing Spaces Landing Page

Landing page for an upscale consignment store that

offers quality and brand name furniture at a discounted price

Background and Inspo

Many people hear the term "consignment store" and think of thrift stores or flea markets with old antiques and forgotten collectibles. There are, however, upscale consignment stores, like Changing Spaces, that are redefining what the term "consignment store" means. They offer gently used, quality and brand name furniture at a discounted price. And with the proper online presence, Changing Spaces can tap into their tech savvy target audience.


The Challenge 

Create a more engaging online experience for prospective and existing customers with the goal of increasing new and repeat sales.

A key assumption is that the target audience often rely on online research to determine if they will shop there. Without an online presence, they miss opportunities to build trust and gain more costumers.

Project Scope

Better integrate content and commerce to create a more engaging experience for prospective

and existing customers and ultimately increasing new and repeat sales.


• Goal: Explore how they can create a more engaging product experience to help increase

new and repeat customer purchases.

The ideal customer is a decor and digitally savvy woman

between 27 - 50.

She values design but doesn’t want to break the bank.

Her social feeds are full of decor and home design and

she binge watches home decor and house-flipping shows.

She isn’t afraid of DIY projects but has trouble moving

from inspiration to action because finding all the supplies

and products is hard.

The convenience of online shopping is her lifeline.


Ideal Costumer Profile

The Competitors

The home decor space is saturated with companies that are doing innovative things, but the main advantage that Changing Spaces has is its consignment store approach. Purchasing second hand items appeals to costumers who are big on sustainability and saving money. 


User Stories

Defining user stories helped determine what our ideal costumer would want in a 

consignment store website. I gathered these after researching the competitors in the

home decor space

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 10.39.00


I wanted to achieve a modern, eclectic, and mature vibe. I chose grays and paired with a salmon contrast. I stuck with images that provide a sense of clean space and quality home decor. 


Typography & Color Palette

I chose typefaces and colors that best represented the modern, eclectic, and mature vibe that was

presented in the mood board. Abhaya Libre ExtraBold conveys an upscale and fashionable personality

while Helvetica looks very professional and trustworthy. 


Putting it all together

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